Video Production

Whether on-location or in our production studio, Baldino Digital can produce your commercial, longform, promo, interview, highlights reel, or any other video you need.

In an age in which virtually every smart phone is a mobile camera and editing suite it is more important than ever to stand out with quality, professionally-produced video. Baldino Digital works with large and small businesses and even individuals in creating video projects for distribution across any platform.


Our award-winning team of seasoned professionals uses high-definition and the most current editing software. We handle the process from concept to script-writing to screening and hiring on-camera and voice-over talent to shooting, editing, and distributing your project.

Your project of sight, sound, motion, and emotion might be a short message called a bump. It can be a 15- or 30-second commercial. You might need a longform video about your organization, clients, or team. We can even produce a full-length documentary.

Baldino Digital can shoot on-location or in our digital video production studio on our news/talk set or green screen set, which can place your video onto almost any vista you can imagine. Let’s get your video done right today.

2020 Ava Digital Award Winner
2019 Videographer Award of Distintion Winner

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